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"Gertrude's First Home," Short Fiction, August 2023

"Remember Your Blue," The Ignatian Literary Magazine, October 2022

"The Arrangement," Birdie Zine, November 2022

"Sunrise," Tales from the Moonlit Path, October 2021

"Jesus with Seasonal Depression," Oyedrum, October 2020

"Still, Water," Sweet Tree Review, October 2017     * nominated for a Pushcart Prize 

image © Clairesse Schweig, published in Birdie Zine.



"Is it a cancer scare or did you miss the flight to your wedding?," BarBar, April 2024

"Onion Tears," Helix Magazine, November 2021

"I don't like hugs anymore," Feels Blind Literary, August 2021

"Notes for the Dispatch," The Lumiere Review, July 2021

"December with my Grandma," Anti-Heroin Chic, May 2021

"Collecting Seashells," The Lindenwood Review, November 2022

"Tequila Rhymes or How to Write a Poem," Pif Magazine, March 2021

"there was an accident here," The Tiny Journal, January 2021

"Graduation Photos," 805 Lit + Art+, December 2020


"Blue Jay," Entropy Magazine, 2017



"peanut butter & jelly," Boats Against the Current, November 2023 

"flat," Boats Against the Current, November 2023 

"Canticle I," Molecule - a tiny lit mag, September 2023 

"when grief calls," Thimble Literary Magazine, October 2022 

"An Open Letter to Sarah Shelton Henry," Capulet Mag, December 2021

"Day 402," 365 Days of Covid: a poetry anthology | Sunday Mornings at the River, November 2019


"before Eric," Ink Drinkers Poetry, June 2021

"To Love a Mermaid," For Women Who Roar, January 2021

"Now When I Eat," Last Leaves Magazine, October 2020

"Consent," Last Leaves Magazine​, October 2020

"Black Lake Boulevard," Words & Whispers, September 2020

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